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Amazon Smart Stores: “Retails into Digital storefronts”

What are Smart Stores?

Amazon, in an effort to convert retail shops to ‘Digital storefronts’ launched an initiative specifically for India called “Amazon Smart stores” 

When a customer walks up to the storefront and scan the QR Code struck at the shop, the whole inventory shows up in the app.

The customers than can pay using Amazon pay since it supports all UPI, debit, and credit cards. This way people can maintain Social distance too.

The may be Motive

In January, when Jeff Bezos visited India, members of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), a consortium of small traders, protested against the company for its predatory pricing practices. 

Since then, the e-commerce giants have tried to create a tie-up with these merchants. In April, it allowed local stores to sell groceries online.

It’s Usefulness:

This is a useful feature in post-epidemic India, where many shops are crowded all day long, and the shopkeeper may not have time to attend every one.

The smart store is powered by Amazon Pay and allows users to pay via credit or debit card, UPI, or convert their order to EMI.

Although the delivery method to customers is yet to be revealed. It may be delivered to customers just outside the store or a delivery agent may deliver the order at the doorstep (like food delivery apps).

Amazon pay is one of the latest kinds of stuff for local shops, the customers can increase the buying experience at all shops even more convenient for safe transactions, in the further, of an idea is EMIs, rewards, and offers, etc. The merchants can increase sales and customers can more affordable and rewarding 

says Mahendra Nerurkar, Ceo of Amazon Pay

Company’s vision:

Amazon says that smart stores will help merchants transform their store into a digital storefront, allowing people to browse their products from anywhere.

The company says they are not taking any cut from merchants till now and thousands of retail shops have already signed up for the program.

Things to know:

This is unarguably a better system for consumers to shop from local stores but few of these businesses like to take cash and under-report revenues to pay less tax, which is a bigger incentive for these businesses than any other..

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